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Welcome to our range of One piece coloured Gift boxes. Below you will find 9 sizes listed with all dimensions, colours and prices shown. Please note that all our gift boxes are Italian crafted in set sizes and colours, we can not provide bespoke size gift boxes. The gift boxes shown on this page are made from approx 280 gsm weight card and in some cases have a textured finish. They are one piece boxes, meaning they have a tuck in lid rather than a separate lid.

All ribbons and decorations that you see below are available to purchase separately on our website. Use these one piece gift boxes for items such as wedding favours, cupcakes, candles and votives, perfumes and mugs! Ideal for small craft companies that want to present their products in high quality but affordable gift boxes

One Piece Candle & Mug Boxes pack of 5

SKU: 0004
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